Elpis Care Living Support is a standard hospitality facility for People with Disabilities created with own funds and EU co-financing. We are 900 meters from the Corinth Canal, in a 10 acre area. The building facilities as well as the layout of the courtyard are shaped according to the latest European Union guidelines for the elderly and the disabled. The hygienic conditions and the level of care provided ensure a comfortable and creative hospitality of people on our roof.

ELPIS Care Living Support Roof is so configured that it can accommodate older people and people with dementia regardless of the levels of functionality.

In the Department for Third Age and Dementia of Elpis Care, the hospitalization of the person begins with a detailed assessment, ie exploration of his cognitive and functional level. The main objective of the evaluation is to investigate the existence or not of dementia symptoms. Apart from that, however, the evaluation we are carrying out still determines

• levels of dementia,
• the likelihood of depression in the elderly
• the possibility of Parkinsonian symptoms in conjunction with dementia symptoms

The program we provide to Elpis Care is shaped according to the situation and the particularities of each of the guests. Among others we offer:

• memory, caution exercises
• executive or speech
• orientation in the news
• Exercises that train attention skills.
• physical therapy and exercise exercises

Lastly, Elpis Care works with a neurologist-psychiatrist and a special physician for the detailed medical check-ups of each guest and the determination or modification, if necessary, of medication.