Mental Retardation - Autistic Spectrum

Who are we?

Elpis Care Living Support is a standard hospitality facility for People with Disabilities created with own funds and EU co-financing. We are 900 meters from the Corinth Canal, in a 10 acre area. The building facilities as well as the layout of the courtyard are shaped according to the latest European Union Guidelines for People with Disabilities. The hygienic conditions and the level of care provided ensure a comfortable and creative hospitality of people on our roof.

Elpis Care's Supported Living Roof is so configured that it can accommodate people with different diagnoses and levels of functionality.

Supported Living

The primary purpose of Elpis Care is not simple hospitality, but the full potential of these individuals. This is how we work to ensure that our guests are in real life and are invited, through team and individual programs, to learn to cope with everyday situations such as:

• To live away from the parental environment.
• Express their needs and desires.
• Live together